• What is a private Bedroom?

Our small private bedrooms have a door and are specially designed to be used by one single traveler. They have a single twin extra long bed. The rooms are located on the main floor and are easily accessible as they are on the 1st floor.

  •  What is a private pod?

Our small private pods have a curtain and are specially designed to be used by one single traveler as they have a single twin extra long bed. We also have one private pod that has a queen size bed and can be shared by two travelers. The pods are located over the private rooms and are accessible by stairs.

  • Is there a bathroom in my bedroom or pod?

Our bedrooms and pods do not have their own private bathroom. We have two types of bathrooms; shower with small hand washing sink and toilet with small hand washing sink. What does this mean? You will not need to wait in line to take a shower if someone is using the toilet. The bathrooms are designed to be used by one traveler and is not shared with anyone else, you will feel like you are in a spa without the price tag.

  • Can two people stay in one room or pod?

Most of our bedrooms or pods are intended to be used by one single traveler. In Ontario, there are rules and regulations on required space per person. If you are traveling in a group or in pairs, you must book a bedroom or pod per person. However, we do offer one pod for two travelers which has a queen size bed, please make this selection if you prefer a queen size bed.

  • Can I invite a friend (non-paid guest)?

No, absolutely not. We do not allow anything that would make a paid customer feel uncomfortable or even unsafe. You would not want your fellow paid guests to be upset with you. If you find someone in the inn that does not belong, please contact us or ask them to leave. Please do not make us get tough on you.

  • Do you have female only rooms?

All our bedrooms and pods are private. What does this mean? Most rooms are meant to accommodate one person; you will not share that pod or bedroom with anyone else. If you do not feel comfortable using a pod with a curtain, the bedrooms have a lockable door for maximum privacy.

  • How do I secure my stuff?

We have lockers which can be used with a padlock. Bring your own padlock or use one from the inn.

  • Is the padlock provided?

We provide them at the inn.

  • I have been biking all day what I do with my stinky stuff?

We have a coin laundry facility on-site. If you prefer not to wash your stuff, please leave your items downstairs in the basement to make sure everyone is happy.

  • I have my bike with me, where can I leave it?

You can store your bike in the inn basement.

  •  Is there WiFi?

Yes, we have free high-speed Internet WiFi.

  • Do you have parking spaces?

We have very limited parking spaces, you will most likely have to park on the street.

  • What is a self check-in Inn?

Our guests access our Inn by using our door keypad with a keycode number provided to them by email or text around noon the day of check in.. All keycodes are unique and are only valid for the duration of your stay. There are no permanent staff in the Inn, such as a doorperson or front door desk attendant. Self check- in is done via our website or Airbnb. For this reason, do not share your keycode with anyone or hold the door open for anyone.

  • Can I bring my own food?

Yes, we have a full kitchen at your service. Please keep it clean after use as others may want to use it.

  • You don’t have permanent staff at the inn?

We do have staff at the Inn; we have cleaning staff and management staff is often at the Inn, we are just not there 24 hours a day. Less staff, allows us to provide you with the best accommodation cost possible.

  •  If there are no permanent staff, what about security?

There are security cameras in the common shared spaces of the Inn (there are no cameras in bathrooms, bedrooms or pods). In addition, all guests have a unique keycode for self check-in, we see all logs of times and dates when codes have been used. Codes are only valid for the specific time of your stay. For this reason, do not provide your code or hold door for anyone.

  •  If I have questions before, during, after my stay who do I contact?

You can call or text 613-498-5108 or email us at info@zensinn.com

  •  If I prefer not to use the self check-in, can someone be there when I arrive?

Yes, please request this when you complete your booking in the comment section.